Get Real Feedback of your track and become a BoomDizzle Premier Artist!

Send us a link to your song and receive a written critique that includes specific comments related to production, music, marketing and distribution. 

BoomDizzle believes that everyone deserves honest and straightforward feedback of their music.  The BoomDizzle team also believes that we can help with suggestions on how to market and sell your songs. 

If you really want to know how to get your song to the “next level” and understand what labels, radio stations and consumers want then request a Want2GetFeedback Report of your songs today.

Want2GetFeedback is keeping in line with the BoomDizzle.com promise of providing our artists with a true platform for growth and a chance at becoming the next music industry Superstar.  We will provide feedback on every aspect of your song including, production, vocals, instruments, music, rhymes, cover art and marketing efforts.

Want2GetFeedBack?  Upload your hottest tracks NOW.

Improve your Marketing and Sales Position for only $29.99!

Keep 100% of the rights to your music

  • Get real critiques from industry leaders
  • Receive a plan of action to move your music and marketing to the next level

 This is your Chance to be in the BoomDizzle Artist Spotlight!

Each week, our industry professionals will select one of the Want2GetFeedBack? songs to be part of the Artist Spotlight.  That track will be featured on the homepage, in the community email blast and all social media campaigns.

Get your package today or contact us at shop@boomdizzle.com with any questions.

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